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While my aim here at MSSS Crafts is to find and index specific crafts with their respective Bible stories, it is not always possible to find crafts for some stories.  Below are some general ideas on crafts and activities that could be adapted for any Bible story.

Bible Bookmarks

Bible Verse Projects

This idea comes from The Idea Box.


Use clipart pictures, magazine pictures, old greeting cards, coloured paper or anything (I even cut up old tissue and cereal boxes!) to create a picture about the story or values and lessons from the story.

Create Your Own...

Use these templates to aid scripture memory or to illustrate the main points of the lesson.


Make your own Bible Games using these templates.

Hand Wreath

This idea is used quite extensively at DLTK-Kids.  Create a number of handprints using paint or tracing hand and cutting out.  Decorate with appropriate pictures (again try some clipart pictures!) and/or an appropriate Bible verse.   DLTK-Kids has a number of wreaths listed on their Handprint/Footprint Crafts page.  

Letters from Heaven

This has been created as a memory verse craft but could also be used to illustrate concepts from a lesson.  Have younger children draw a picture of the lesson on the large template to present as a letter.

Memory Verse Crafts

Many ideas for memory verse crafts from MSSS Crafts.


Use clipart images or any picture to create a mobile.  Write on a card an appropriate Bible verse.  The pictures and verse can be attached to paper towel rolls or paddle pop sticks.  The following two mobile crafts are good examples.

See also MSSS Memory Verse Mobiles.


Paper Plate Character Masks and Bible Story Plays from Sunday School Crafts


This idea comes from Sunday School Sources - Class Material (visit this site for a number of images and graphics for Bible stories).  Use clipart pictures, colouring pages or even pictures from religious magazines, and cut into pieces (before lesson) which children can put together and glue onto a piece of paper.  Remember for toddlers and preschoolers though, 3-4 pieces can be challenging enough!  Try the following for easy and useful templates.


This on-line tool allows you to create wordsearches, cryptograms and many other kinds of puzzles.  Great for memory verses or bringing out ideas in a lesson.

Roll and read story box

Cut out a whole on one side of large box to create a TV screen.  Draw scenes from the story on a roll of paper and attach to inside of box.  Scroll through the 'pages' as you tell the story.

Scrapbook Craft 

Make a scrapbook of the ideas and events of the story.

Story Boxes 

Create a small cardboard box and decorate with pictures appropriate to the lesson.

Story Boards

Have children draw pictures and write their own version of Bible stories using this worksheet.


Story Telling Ideas from Sunday School Crafts that can be applied to any story.

Templates by Donavan 

A wide variety of boxes, pop-up cards, cards and mini-books which with a few appropriate pictures would make great Bible crafts.

Word Searches

If you can't find a work sheet for a Bible story on the web make your own!  Word Search Factory is a downloadable program for creating word puzzles for all ages and skill levels.  

Some more ideas from Covenant People Resource Cards (no longer available - but idea left here to help out!)

  • word mobile to emphasise concepts.
  • 3D puzzles using a picture or colouring page
  • Make feelings sketches - an activity to help children better understand the emotions of different characters in Bible stories.
  • story scene floats using a shoebox lid.
  • diorama in a shoebox.
  • desktop museum - collect objects to display that illustrate a Bible story.
  • story maps


See Also

Calvary Chapel Old Testament/New Testament

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Free patterns for a Bible Mat and Action Figures which can be used for almost any Bible story.  An excellent resource.

Free Christian Clipart

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for tiny ones!

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