Woman at the Well

Scripture Reference:  John 4:1-42

Illustrating the Story

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  • Brenda Nelson submitted these ideas
    • Fill a punch bowl with water and set on a large cardboard block or TV table to elevate it. Set a couple empty cups beside it and a small rubber tube (approx. a foot long/costing a dime from the hardware store). Tell the kids that the water in the bowl is the “living water” and the cups are the thirsty souls. Jesus said, “whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." John 4:14. Ask the kids to see if they can get the water from the bowl into the cups without moving them. They use the tube to try to transfer the water. After they try several times, they can usually get a few drips of water transferred. But a spring is water that bursts out of the ground and flows constantly (if it were enclosed within a wall, like a man-made well, it would eventually overflow). Show the kids that if you submerge the tube in the water and turn up the end of the tube under the water to release the air pockets in it, then, while the whole tube remains submerged, if you plug one end of the tube with your finger and then keep the other end submerged, when you move the plugged end out of the water, position it below water level and remove your finger from it, it begins to suck the water from the bowl, so it flows consistently into the cups, as it should. Then let the kids try it again. Tell them, when Jesus gives us living water, he is not referring to this kind of water (the H2O we are playing with), but to the Holy Spirit. Like the spring that flows consistently and doesn’t just drip, we should be thinking about and telling others about our Savior all the time, sharing the life-giving Holy Spirit with them.
    • Create a well with a large water cooler and wrap 2 poster boards with stones colored on them around the cooler. I cut the edge of the poster board to fold over the rim of the top of the cooler and stapled it together and slipped it over the cooler. The kids drew their water from the well using disposable cups that we hole-punched and tied wires to.

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