A Special Dinner With Jesus

Even very young children can understand the message of the Last Supper/Communion Service, if the time is taken to explain it to them in a simple manner.  Below is an interactive way to tell the story - you may like to use it to create for children their own special Communion Service.


  • Small table

  • Lace tablecloth

  • Candles

  • Jugs of Grape Juice or dark (such as blackcurrant) cordial

  • Tray with flat bread or pikelets


Does your mum ever make you a special dinner?  Who likes to go out to a restaurant for a special meal?  What sort of things do you like to eat?  (Allow time for children to respond to your questions) 

Our story today is about a special dinner that Jesus had with his friends.  Now, this dinner wasn’t going to be just an ordinary dinner, but a very special meal where Jesus would tell his friends how much he loved them.  I want you to pretend today that you are one of Jesus’ friends going to the special dinner with Jesus. 

Jesus had asked his friends to find him a large room.  So two of his friends went into town and asked a man to help them.  (You may like to single out two children to act this out.)  This man took them to a guest room which was upstairs in his house. In the room they had to make every thing ready for the special dinner.  Can you help me get things ready for the special dinner?  (Have children help place a lace clothe on a small table.  Set with candles, silver tray, bread, pitcher for the drink, etc.  Also have prepared a small bowl with a towel) 

Now everything was ready for the special meal.  Jesus’ friends had travelled a long way to come to this special meal.  Have you travelled a long way to get here today?  Who came here by bus?  Who came here by airplane?  Who came here by car?  Who walked here today?  (Allow time for children to answer and respond accordingly to their answers) 

Well, Jesus’ friends had walked a long, long way to go to Jesus’ special dinner.  Their feet were dirty and they were very tired.  (If they have not already done so invite all the children to come and sit around the table.)  They all sat down around the table and waited for someone to come and wash their feet.  Now this was usually the job of a servant but Jesus was the one who came round and washed their feet.  (As you tell this part of the story, go round and pretend to wash the feet of the children.) 

Jesus’ friends were really surprised.  Jesus should not be washing their feet.  But Jesus said to them, “I washed your feet to tell you that I love you.  I want you to remember this and show my love to others.” 

Then Jesus began to give his friends the special meal.  Firstly, he prepared some bread.  (As you tell this part of the story, pass around a small portion of bread for each child.)   Jesus thanked God for the bread and gave the bread to each of his special friends.  Then Jesus said to his friends, “When you eat this bread, I want you to remember that I love you.” 

After they had all finished eating Jesus prepared for them some grape juice.  (As you tell this part of the story, pour a small glass of juice for each child)  Jesus thanked God for the grape juice, just as he had thanked him for the bread.  Then Jesus poured the grape juice for his friends and gave it to them.  As they were drinking, Jesus said to them again, “I want you to remember that I love you.” 

Why do you think Jesus wanted them to remember that he loved them?  (Allow time for answers)  Well, not only was this meal a very special dinner, but it was also the very last time Jesus ate with his friends before he died.  And Jesus wanted them to understand no matter what happened Jesus would always love them.  Even more importantly, Jesus wanted his friends to tell other people everywhere that Jesus loves them too. 

Do you know that you are very special?  Do you know that Jesus loves you? Well you are special and Jesus does love you!  Don’t you ever forget it!

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