Little Boat - Interactive Story-telling

Telling stories about boats in the Bible can be such fun!  Here are a few ideas that have worked in our house when it comes to telling these stories.

Some great boat stories these ideas can be applied to include:

Little Boat - Version A


  • Boat (small plastic one, milk carton sailboat or try this cork boat)
  • Plastic tub/container - reasonably large - half-filled with water
  • Rainstick and/or a spray bottle filled with water
  • (optional) straws for blowing
  • (optional) whale for Jonah

As you tell the story, add the appropriate sound effects to create a storm - spray 'rain', shake rainsticks, clap hands for thunder, blow the boat.

Little Boat - Version B


  • Plastic boats (preferably one for each child)
  • One large remnant of blue fabric, at least 1m square
  • Rainstick (optional)
  • For Jesus Feeds His Friends include paper fish and small hairnets
  • (optional) whale for Jonah

As you tell the story, create waves with the fabric.  Hold onto the corners and lift, or scrunch fabric.  Again add the appropriate sound effects.  

  • For the story of Noah, have children hold onto each of the corners of the fabric and lift high into the air to demonstrate how the water rose higher and higher covering the whole earth.
  • To 'catch fish' scatter paper fish amongst the folds of the fabric and have children catch them in the hairnets.

Boat Crafts

Some Other Boat Crafts

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for tiny ones!

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