Ideas for Stories about Babies

Because there are a number of Bible stories about babies I thought I'd list some of my ideas and resources on one page rather than repeating the same thing in each story.

  • Whenever the Bible story is about a baby, I make the most of the opportunity to get out the photo albums of my girls' births and days in hospital.  We (Daddy usually contributes here too!) talk about how we wanted them so much and waited for them.  We reinforce that they are special to us.  It is particularly nice too when we get to Scarlett's album and look at the photos of Mikhyla meeting her for the first time.  You can never tell your children enough how special and loved they are.
  • Collect pictures of babies from parenting and baby magazines (see - you did keep them for a reason!) and put into an album or book.  Talk about each picture and what the babies are doing.  Reiterate how special babies are and the care they need.
  • Talk about the food babies eat and maybe even try some!
  • Wrap up a baby doll and talk about the special care they need.  Bring along nappies and clothes and take turns at caring for baby.
  • Theme - Babies  

Baby Isaac 

Moses in the Bullrushes 

God Gives Hannah a Baby  

The Christmas Story

Paper Doll Babies

Bye-lo Baby

James Pace Doll  

Glue to page and glue a piece of fabric to make a blanket for baby.

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for tiny ones!

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