Flower Hats

These hats are great for spring dress-up or as a prop for songs in Sabbath/Sunday School.

Small Hat


  • 30 cm yellow cotton
  • scrap piece of green cotton
  • (optional) interfacing

Pattern Pieces

  • Petal 1 (and stem) - cut five of petal 1 in yellow and three of stem in green fabric.
  • Brim - cut one on fold of yellow fabric and one of interfacing (make sure you tape two pieces of pattern together.)


  • Interface brim facing.
  • Sew the right side of one petal piece to the left side of another.  Repeat with all pieces to form the top of the hat.
  • Join the brim facing at the centre back seam.
  • Position the facing on the petals with right sides together.  Stitch the scallops.
  • Clip the seams turn to inside and press.  Neaten raw edge of brim.

Large Hat


  • 30 cm green cotton
  • 30 cm pink cotton
  • (optional) interfacing.

Pattern Pieces

  • Petal 1  - cut five of petal 1 in green fabric.
  • Petal 2 - cut sixteen of petal 2 in pink fabric.
  • Brim - cut one on fold of green fabric and one of interfacing (make sure you tape two pieces of pattern together.)


  • Repeat above as for small hat.
  • Sew right side of one petal 2 piece to another.  Repeat until there are eight to form a full circle.  Repeat and form another ring of eight.
  • With right sides together, match both sections of petals together and sew along the points.  Trim, turn and press.
  • Join to centre of ring of petals to crown of hat along the raw edges of brim.

Suggested Songs

  • Little Voices Praise Him (Gracelink Beginner/Kindergarten Songbook)
    • God Made Me (#164), verse 4
    • God Makes Roses Grow in My Garden (#166)
    • The Tree Are Gently Swaying (#115), verse 3

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