Easter Devotion


  • Hollow chocolate Easter eggs (enough for one for each child)
  • Hard-boiled Egg
  • Two Plastic Eggs
    • One egg is empty and has the Bible reference Matthew 28:6 on the outside
    • The other egg has a picture of the cross and the reference John 3:16 on the outside.
  • Bible
  • A basket with a covering to hide all the eggs from the children


What special holiday are we celebrating at the moment?  Yes, it is Easter time.

And because it is Easter what are we seeing lots and lots of in the shops?  (Easter Eggs)

Now I want to show you an Easter Egg.  (Show)  What is inside this egg?  (Most children will say 'chocolate'.)  What is inside the chocolate?  Well, I chose this egg especially because it is hollow - it doesn't have anything inside the chocolate.  Beyond having a shell of chocolate to eat, there is nothing really special about this egg.

(Show hard-boiled egg)  What is this?  (Chicken egg)  What is inside it?  (Yolk, white)  What comes out of this egg?  (A chicken)  Now, does a big chicken come out of the egg?  No, just a little baby chicken.  This egg is quite special because new life come from it.  Can a new life come out of the Easter egg?  No, of course not!

I'm going to show you some more eggs and these are very, very special eggs.

(Show first egg)  What is inside this egg?  That's right, nothing either.  But there is a very special reason why there is nothing in this egg.  What is written on the outside?  (Have a child read the Bible reference)  May be this Bible text is a clue why it is empty.  Let's read the text together.  (Read Matthew 28:6 in a children's version of the Bible such as NIrV)

Who this text talking about?  (Jesus)  What happened?  (He rose from the dead)  So what was empty?  (The tomb or cave where Jesus was buried)  So this egg is empty to remind us that Jesus is risen - isn't that great news!

Now let's have a look at another egg.  What is in this egg?  (Ask someone to open and have a look.  Discuss the picture of the cross)  Let's have a look at what is written on the outside of this egg.  (Read John 3:16 together)

What is important about the cross?  (It shows that Jesus died for us.)  What do we have to do?  (Believe)  And what happens when we believe?  (We receive eternal life)  That's right, because Jesus died on the cross we have the promise of new life forever with Him.  Isn't that a great message?

So, is Easter time, really about Easter eggs?  No, they might be tasty but in the end all they are is a hollow shell of chocolate.  There are two important things that we need to remember at Easter time - the first one is that just as the egg was empty so was Jesus tomb because Jesus rose again.   The second thing we need to remember is that because Jesus rose again we have the promise of a new life forever with Him if only we believe.  Will you promise to remember that this Easter?  I'm going to give you one of these Easter eggs and as you eat it I want you to remember those two special messages.  (Give out eggs to children)

updated 10 September, 2013

for tiny ones!

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