God Made My Eyes

God made my eyes

God made my eyes see a rainbow of colours

Tiny purple wildflowers

Cool blue creeks

A green gum leaf

Soft yellow chicks

The red and yellow of a campfire

God made my eyes

God made my eyes see near and far

My mummy's cheek up close when I give her a kiss

Fluffy clouds high in the sky

God made my eyes

God made my eyes see many wonderful things

A parrot in a tree

A train rushing by

My daddy coming home from work

God made my eyes

God made my eyes special and unique

Blue, grey, brown, hazel or green

Small or big or somewhere in between

God made my eyes

Thank you God for making my eyes


  • Discuss together as you read and talk about the poem above:

    • What is your favourite colour?

    • What is your favourite thing to see?

    • What colour and shape are your eye?

  • Use a magnifying glass to have a closer look at ants or other insects.

  • Look through a pair of binoculars at things far away.

Crafts and Activities

Print out the activity book that goes with this poem.  There is one page per verse with a drawing/colouring/sticker activity for each one.

Try also these crafts and use them to discuss the different things we can do with our eyes.  If making glasses, use coloured cellophane for the lenses and talk about the changes the colours make on the way we see things.

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for tiny ones!

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