Paper Plate Emu

  • large brown pom-pom or styrophone ball (approx 4cm diameter)
  • black construction paper
  • wiggly eyes
  • black pipe cleaners
  • small paper plates
  • brown paper bags
  • glue, tape and stapler


  • Cut a elongated diamond out of black paper and fold in half for emu's beak.  Attach to brown pom-pom (or styrophone ball coloured black with felt pen or paint).
  • Glue on wiggly eyes and attach one black pipe cleaner for neck.  Set aside to dry.
  • Cut a small paper plate in half - we used wave scissors to add character to our emu!  Tear brown bag into smallish pieces for feathers and glue to the bottom of each half of the plate.
  • Use one pipe cleaner for each leg, bending to form a foot, and attach one to each half of the plate in the middle of the long, wave edge.
  • Attach neck and head to one half of the plate just above one end of the long edge.
  • Staple both sides of the plate together at rounded edges.  Attach string to hang emu if desired.

For more information about emus, check out MSSS Animal Tale - Daddy Emu!


for tiny ones!

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