Milk Carton Noah's Ark 

This is a fun way to explore the story of Noah.  Not only does it use a common recyclable material but it will float too!

This craft is divided into three sections and could be used over a period of three weeks to tell the various parts of the story of Noah.  This division correlates with the Kindergarten Lessons (Year A, February) of Noah.

Materials for All Weeks

  • 1 litre milk carton
  • stiff card
  • printable templates (see below)
  • paint and other colouring tools

Week 1 - Noah Builds the Ark

  • Hull of Ark
    • Glue open section of carton back together. (One milk carton can be used for two children this way)
    • Using a Stanley knife and sharp scissors, cut milk carton in half lengthways.
    • (Optional) Paint with brown paint.
    • Leave to dry while completing rest of the ark.
  • Top Deck
    • Take an A4 or Letter sized piece of stiff card and cut so that it measures approximately 18 cm wide (or just short of the length of the milk carton).  Do not cut any off the length of the paper.
    • Fold in half.  Fold again 4-5 cm either side of the half way fold.  This forms the roof of the top deck.
    • Make another fold 3-4 cm from the top and bottom of the paper - this will form the base.
    • Colour the roof and decorate the sides with windows.
    • Glue the two base sections together and attach to the inside of the milk carton.
  • Discuss building the boat together - you may like to use this craft as a precursor to the lesson rather than as an after-craft!

Week 2 - Animal Parade

  • Print out one of the following animal templates
  • Cut out around each animal and glue each part (except for bottom tab) back to back.   Fold out tabs to form a stand for each animal.
  • Print out the Noah Template (enough for six children). 
  • Cut out and colour.  Fold top tab of both front and back in and glue so that top of heads meet.
  • Fold bottom tabs of both sides in and glue so that they overlap and allow Noah to stand.
  • March animals to the ark and keep them safely in the top deck!
  • You may like to play the Noah's Ark Animal Parade Game in conjunction with this part of the craft.

Week 3 - Afloat in the Ark

  • If you are game(!) allow the children to float their arks in a tub of water as you tell the story.  Alternatively, use a large piece of blue fabric or a tarpaulin instead.  See Little Boat:  Interactive Storytelling for more ideas.

for tiny ones!

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