Bible Lego Party

Thanks to Brian Nunn, Children's Deacon Calvary Baptist Church, who submitted this idea. 

Scripture Reference:  1 Corinthians 3:11 "For no one can lay any foundation  other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ." (NIV); Matthew 7:24-29 (Parable of the house built on the rock)

Bible Lesson

Interactive Storytelling

Have each child create a house out of Lego.  Tell some children they have built on the rock and others on the sand.  As you tell the story, have each child act it out the part of building.  When you discuss the part of the story about the house built on sand, allow those who have built on sand to know their house down.


  • Guess How Many Legos are in the Jar.
  • Drop the Lego in the bottle (like drop the clothespin in the bottle or jar)
  • Time the kids to see who could build the highest Lego tower in 5 minutes.
  • Lego Spoon Race where each child had a Lego on a spoon and had to make it to the finish line without the Lego falling off.
  • Unwrap the Lego." wrap a small Lego set in many layers of different wrapping paper and the children passed it around and take turns unwrapping the parcel.
  • Use Music, while playing Children pass parcel around in a circle, when music stops the child holding the parcel can unwrap, when music starts continue passing.
  • Guess What I Built: make simple picture &/or word cards (house, car, robot, etc.) & drop into a hat or box.  Let each child pick out a card and tell them not to show it to anyone else.  Then each person builds what is on their card.  The others try to guess what each creation is.
  • Timed Building Game:  choose one thing to build from the above-mentioned cards. Everyone has 5 minutes to build that item.  Judge the results and award prizes for fastest builder, largest creation, most detailed, most colorful, etc., (so that everyone gets a prize for something.)
  • Pin the LEGO on the...LEGO. Create a landscape with an integral piece missing, such as a boat's deep-sea diver or a castle's flag, and, with eyes closed, place the piece as near as possible to the correct place.


For decorations  use primary color plates, napkins, and balloons.  Make lego   blocks out of construction paper and place on walls.


 Ice Cream and LEGO cake (rectangle with 6 cupcakes-frosted bright blue) or iced the same color (primary color).

updated 10 September, 2013

for tiny ones!

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