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Mikhyla & Scarlett's Sabbath School

Mikhyla and Scarlett love Sabbath School!  As they both grow, they enjoy singing, colouring and most importantly learning about Jesus!

And now they have a little sister, Clementine, to share this love with!


Our Little Family - August 2001

In 1998, our little family moved to Leigh Creek, a small mining town in outback South Australia.  (Find out more about this little town...)  Not only did we move far from family and friends but also our church family.  For over four years the only time Mikhyla and Scarlett went to a 'real' Sabbath School was when we made a five hour trip to Adelaide (which happened approximately once a month).

And so this is how this site came into being.  In trying to find resources from my story telling and crafts to keep little hands busy in our lounge room Sabbath School, I discovered a wealth of materials on-line and free. To keep track of things and so that others can benefit from what I've found I've listed, categorised and subjectorised anything and everything here!  My main focus has been crafts for my girls but I am aiming to provide resources for a wider audience.

In July 2003, our little family moved to North Queensland where we are closer to church (5 minutes as opposed to 5 hours!).  Since then we have had an addition to our family - little Clementine, who joined us in June 2004.  But while our girls continue to grow (check out the home page to so how big they are now!) and our circumstances have changed, this site and its mission remains as important to us as it did when it was first established in 2001.

We all hope you enjoy the resources and crafts you are led to from here as much as we have. 

Please let us know if you have found our site useful or you think there is something we have forgotten to include here (we are always under construction!).


PS - MSSS stands for Mikhyla and Scarlett's Sabbath School! And so that Clementine doesn't feel left out, she now has her own corner of our website!

Note:  This site is not an official Seventh-day Adventist site but is supportive of the church's mission.  However, this site also exists to support those involved in children's ministry and teaching children everywhere. 

updated 10 September, 2013

for tiny ones!

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